Fermented dairy product containing grape juice and berry juice



【課題】ぶどう果汁を含有する発酵乳製品において、そのぶどう風味を増強しつつ、嗜好性の低下につながる果汁由来の過剰な酸味を抑えた、風味良好な発酵乳製品を提供する。 【解決手段】ぶどう果汁とベリー果汁を含有し、ストレート果汁換算のベリー果汁の量が、ストレート果汁換算のぶどう果汁1質量部に対して、0.01〜0.39質量部の割合で含有することを特徴とする発酵乳製品。 【選択図】なし
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fermented dairy product having good flavor in which an excessive acidity derived from fruit juice which leads to deterioration of palatability is suppressed while enhancing grape flavor in a fermented dairy product containing grape juice.SOLUTION: A fermented dairy product comprises grape juice and berry juice, wherein the amount of the berry juice in terms of straight fruit juice is 0.01-0.39 part by mass relative to one part by mass of the grape juice in terms of straight fruit juice.SELECTED DRAWING: None




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