Three-dimensional shape measurement device



【課題】測定対象物の形状に起因して解像度が低下するのを抑制可能な三次元形状測定装置を提供する。 【解決手段】テーブルを順方向に回転駆動して、測定対象物の三次元形状を測定する第一測定処理S107と、測定対象箇所のテーブルの回転中心からの半径rに基づいて、より高い解像度での再測定が必要か否かを判定する判定処理S109と、判定処理において、より高い解像度での再測定が必要と判定された場合に、当該判定の対象となった測定対象箇所の終了位置から開始位置までテーブルを逆方向に回転駆動してからS117、テーブルを順方向に回転駆動してS121、当該順方向に回転駆動する際に、測定対象物の三次元形状を再測定する第二測定処理S123とを実行可能に構成されている。 【選択図】図4
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a three-dimensional shape measurement device that can suppress reduction in resolution resulting from a shape of a measurement object.SOLUTION: A three-dimensional shape measurement device is configured to be able to perform: a first measurement process S107 of rotationally driving a table in a forward direction to measure a three-dimensional shape of a measurement object; a determination process S109 of determining whether a re-measurement at a higher resolution is required or not on the basis of a radius r from a rotation center to a measurement object position of the table; and a second measurement process S123 of responding to the determination process determining that the re-measurement at the higher resolution is required, to rotationally drive the table in an inverse direction from an end position to a start position of the measurement object position for which the determination is performed (S117), and subsequently rotationally drive the table in the forward direction (S121), while re-measuring a three-dimensional shape of the measurement object.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4




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