Protector and vehicle sensor system including the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a protector capable of preventing even muddy water, etc., splashed by a vehicle from adhering to a vehicle sensor, such as an ETC lane.SOLUTION: In a vehicles sensor system including a light emitting device 1 placed on one side of a passage road and a light receiving device 2 placed on the other side of the passage road, the light emitting device 1 and the light receiving device 1 include protectors 3. Each protector 3 includes a protective tube 30 including a light emitter 10 or an optical receiver 20 and having light transmissivity to the transmitted light of a light emitting element and a protective tube rotary motor 31 for rotating the protective tube 30. The protective tube rotation motor 31 is controlled by a motor controller MC corresponding to the output signal of a sensor. Since mud splash is flipped by rotation, dirt hardly adheres to the protective tube 30.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
【課題】ETCレーンなどの車両センサに関し、車両が跳ね上げた泥水等であっても付着し難い保護装置を提案する。 【解決手段】通行路の一方の側に設置される発光装置1と、該通行路の他方の側に設置される受光装置2と、を備えた車両センサシステムにおいて、発光装置1と受光装置1とに保護装置3を備える。各保護装置3は、発光器10又は受光器20を内包していて発光素子の送出光に対し透光性である保護筒30と、該保護筒30を回転させる保護筒回転モータ31と、を備える。保護筒回転モータ31は、センサの出力信号に応じてモータコントローラMCにより制御される。回転によって泥はねを弾き飛ばすので、保護筒30に汚れが付着し難い。 【選択図】図1




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