Droplet discharge method, program, manufacturing method for organic el device and forming method for color filter



【課題】開口部に吐出される液滴が当該開口部に対して隣り合う開口部に漏れ難い液滴吐出方法及びプログラム、当該液滴吐出方法を用いた有機EL装置の製造方法、カラーフィルターの形成方法を提供すること。 【解決手段】本実施形態の液滴吐出方法は、当該開口部105aにX軸方向に隣り合う開口部の当該開口部105a側の端部から当該開口部105a側に所定の距離Lを置いて当該開口部105aの着弾領域105eの端部を設定する領域設定ステップと、基体と吐出ヘッドとを対向させて相対的に走査し、吐出ヘッドのノズル52から、着弾領域105eに少なくとも1滴の液滴を着弾させる吐出ステップとを含む。 【選択図】図9
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a droplet discharge method in which a droplet discharged into an opening portion hardly leaks into an opening portion adjacent to the opening portion, and a program, a manufacturing method for an organic EL device using the droplet discharge method and a forming method for a color filter.SOLUTION: A droplet discharge method includes: a region setting step of setting end portions of landing regions 105e of opening portions 105a with predetermined distances L from end portions of opening portion 105a sides of opening portions adjacent to the opening portions 105a in an X-axis direction to the opening portion 105a sides; and a discharge step of causing a substrate and a discharge head to face each other, performing relative scanning, and causing at least one droplet to land onto each landing region 105e from nozzles 52 of the discharge head.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 9




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