Ground terminal



【課題】アース端子の一部が確実に非導電膜を突き破ってボディの金属面に食い込むことを目的とする。 【解決手段】金属面83上に非導電膜85が被着されてなるボディ80に対してボルト90で取り付けられるアース端子10であって、前記ボルト90の軸部95を挿通可能なボルト孔21を有する端子本体部20と、前記ボルト孔21の縁部に前記ボディ80側に突出して形成され、前記ボルト90の締結に伴い前記非導電膜85を突き破って前記金属面83に食い込む食い込み角部23と、前記端子本体部20に前記食い込み角部23と同じ側に突出して形成され、前記食い込み角部23が前記金属面83に接触した状態で前記ボディ80に接して前記ボルト90の締結力を受ける平坦座面33を有する着座部31とを有する。 【選択図】図7
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To surely mesh a part of a ground terminal into a metal surface of a body by breaking a non-conductive film.SOLUTION: A ground terminal 10 is fitted to a body 80 that is formed by attaching a non-conductive film 85 onto a metal surface 83, by a bolt 90. The ground terminal comprises: a terminal main body part 20 including a bolt hole 21 through which a shank 95 of the bolt 90 can be inserted; a mesh corner part 23 which is formed at an edge of the bolt hole 21 while protruding closer to the body 80 and meshed into the metal surface 83 by breaking the non-conductive film 85 with fastening of the bolt 90; and a seating part 31 including a flat seating surface 33 which is formed in the terminal main body part 20 while protruding to the same side as the meshing corner part 23 and receives a fastening force of the bolt 90 in contact with the body 80 in the state where the meshing corner part 23 is brought into contact with the metal surface 83.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 7




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